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How to Stop Drug Use

how to stop using drugs is a reasonable question to ask a person in taking or would like to help a friend or a family of drug dependence. there is a simple and conventional might help and you can do it at home if you have limited funds have been depleted due to buy drugs. You can also do rehab therapy at home or you can find him on my banner right and left. just no simple way to stop drug addiction or rehab solution:

1. Intention
intention is the first step that can be started from within. want to quit the drug than continue as friendly drug rehab and stay home.
2. Will
if it appears the intent is the important step of willingness. you might ask what difference intention and willingness? is simple. if you want to stop using drugs now then next month you may not be able to survive. dipikiran you might say this is the last and will stop using drugs. but the thought came back at a later time.

3. Dependability
This is the most severe. you have to fight when you are in withdrawal. strong desire to return receipts refuse drugs. impact of drug use is very sick. and you can stop to drug.

4. Suggestion
you can help yourself to stop using drugs by suggestion. suggestions are able to work under the conscious brain and has a big role for your wishes. maybe you've seen hypnosis shows someone on the call to eat chili, he felt very spicy. after being given the suggestion he eats spicy chili she did not feel at all. You can use this way to help you.

5. Appreciation of the close
to help you fight the pain of drug you can ask family, friends, girlfriend to give spirit and motivation to push you out of the drug.
6. away from other addicts
maybe this is a hard way too when you're like drugs. but you can stay away from other addicts and make changes and treatment so that you can leave a bad habit before.

7. pray
prayer can help you to leave the little drug. and ask for God's help so far away from drugs. pray for china people can create a certain energy and will probably to help you.

good luck... ^_^
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Drug Abuse

Drug abuse will greatly affect a person's attitude. the dangers of drugs makes people behave:

1. To yourself.

- The person's personality changed
- cool
- Like free sex
- Enjoy torturing yourself
- Became a slacker
- Spirit of life decreased

2. against family
- Like stealing the family
- Defame family
- Against the family

3. to the community
- Likes to do mischief
- Committing a crime
- Interfere with other people

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Cocain Treatment

Many treatments, therapies and ways developed to treat drug addicts. below I will explain how this gracious way to treat drug addicts in particular types of cocaine. if you are ashamed or afraid you can do it at home. treatment which I will explain more easily because you can do at home. Yesterday a researcher stumbled across a powerful way to overcome cocaine addiction. a researcher from Gilead Sciences Inc. found that an extract of kudzu tree that is being developed to treat addiction to alcohol were also able to treat cocaine addiction.

Gilead continue the experiment this drug since last year, when the study was purchased from CV Therapeutics Inc.. According to the research that has been published in the journal Nature Medicine, suggests that this drug can stop the addiction to cocaine use. Kudzu is a drug that has long been used to treat alcoholism. The vine is native to Asia has spread across much of the southeastern United States, after being imported to address soil erosion.

CV Therapeutics to extract synthetic called aldehyde dehydrogenase-2 selective inhibitor or ALDH2i. The study is named with CVT-10 216. Based on tests conducted, found that kudzu extract can stop the addiction to cocaine and can even prevent the onset of recurrence after the users free of cocaine.
Researchers discover how it works, namely by enhancing compound called tetrahydropapaveroline or THP. Cocaine addiction would make the level of a brain chemical called dopamine increases and THP serves to confuse the increase in dopamine.

"We propose that this drug is safe, selective, reversible inhibitor of ALDH-2 as ALDH2i may have the potential to reduce human cocaine addiction and prevent relapse," said the researcher.

I hope you succeed and succeed. to fight drug addiction and can avoid it ... good luck

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